Sonasafe Schallschutzhaube 10 dB

18 dB(A)

Modular silencer MSD

Sonasafe schallschutzgehäuse 15 dB
9 db
Sonasafe sonderanlagen schalldämmgehäuse
> 25 dB(A) vertikale Ausblasung

acoustic housing

15 dB(A)

Do you want to air-conditioned your home or apartment? We offer a wide range of different air-conditioning units, which can optimally and individually air-conditioned your premises. We place emphasis on the quality of the world market leader Daikin in the choice of our products.

25 dB(A)

We are also your contact in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia for ProfleXum, the sustainable concept for passive cooling, efficiency-enhanced heat pumps, reduced loads, optimized photovoltaic yields and stable protection and for Thermoscreens air curtains.

SonaSafe Schalldämmhaube 7 dB
18 dB(A) horizontale Ausblasung
Sonasafe Modular Schalldämpfer MSD

Solflex is developer of SonaSafe acoustic housing and distribute these directly to air-conditioning and refrigeration installation companies, as well as to manufacturers and their national branches of air-conditioning systems, heat pumps or condensing units, throughout Europe.

Of course, we are also available to assist planning offices, consultants, architects as well as private and commercial customers and plant operators.

Sonasafe Schallschutzjalousien

7 dB(A)

Acoustic screens

10 dB(A)

Sonasafe sonderanlagen schalldämmgehäuse

6 dB(A)

Costum housings

Acoustic louvres

Your acoustic C°mfort

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