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EU patent under 3 147 582 for acoustic housing "SonaSafe" by Solflex, Mr. Tom Bogaertsas inventor, published.

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H Solflex Sonasafe Messbericht

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On request, we can also send you the measurement reports, tender texts and CAD drawings.

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The professional sound-absorbing housing with over 15 dB sound emission reduction, measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744, for large-scale produced:

  • VRV/VRF units
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration units
  • Heat pumps
  • Chillers
  • Condensing units
  • Compressors

Unrestricted functionality of the built-in device by:

  • Limited pressure loss due to the special sound insulation lamellas
  • Same air flow direction
  • Uniform air distribution on the heat exchanger
  • Ingenious suction and blow-out air separation
  • Service and maintenance access possible
  • Protection from weather and mechanical damage
  • ...

A variety of options are available to meet your needs, as like drainage system, colours...

V Solflex Sonasafe Messbericht